Must-Have Travel Apps For Travelers

Travelling is fun and adventurous without any doubt but exploring new places might be full of hassles. Facing problems for travelers to visit any new places or countries is not a new thing. However, lifestyles and things have changed dramatically with the changes of time. Technology has added a new dimension to every sector of our daily life. Many exciting features and applications are available on the smartphone which has made traveling a lot easier than earlier. Nowadays there are millions of apps available in the play store or apple store. Travelers are quite familiar with the useful apps which assist them while traveling. Nevertheless, Storing the best and must-have travel apps is never easy for travelers. If the traveler is a novice then it may be a tremendous situation for finding useful ones.

Here are the lists of these must-have travel apps that can make their travel experience so comfortable.

Google Maps

Everyone is familiar with the application named Google Maps. It a web mapping platform and application offered by Google itself. Google Maps offers satellite imagery, aerial photography, street maps, real-time traffic conditions, and route planning for traveling by car, air, public transportation, or walking. From the users’ experiences, it has seen that it provides the most accurate information on real-time traffic updates. Most of the time travelers reach their destination by the predicted time by Google Maps.

You only need a working internet connection to use the map. There is also an offline version available in this app. You just need to download the offline map of that particular location. This application is much handy and flexible for any age of users. Both iOS and Android versions are available for this software.

Google Translate

Must-Have Travel Apps For Travelers

Google Translate is the most popular and efficient application that can convert any language to your native language. It is a multilingual translation service developed by Google. This app is able to translate any language by using voice commands, images, handwritten, documents, or from any website. It supports 109 languages at any level.

Google translate is a very useful app for travelers especially when they are traveling to any foreign country where English is not the first language. Travelers don’t need to suffer anymore because of this language barrier. Both iOS and Android versions are available in the store for this software.


Long layovers and extended delays are a part of traveling for frequent flyers. Poor WiFi connection, sitting in the airport lobby for a long time is a commonly facing horrible experience for the travelers. Airport lounges are the only place that can relieve us from these horrible experiences. Airport lounges provide an escape from the monotonous waiting in the lobby. It ensures a comfort zone and tranquility for travelers.

Previously, lounge access reservation was only for elite frequent travelers and business class passengers. But with the access of LoungeBuddy travelers can instantly book guaranteed access to available airport lounges. This app lets us know about any available free lounges or ones that provide a day pass with a particular amount of money. This is one of the must-have travel apps every traveler should download. Click here to download the app for your iOS devices.


Must-Have Travel Apps For Travelers

Airbnb is an online marketplace for lodging, primarily homestays for vacation rentals, and tourism activities. Finding a home or hostel for staying in a new place is quite difficult. Getting a new hostel or home for staying is very time-consuming and comes with a lot of hassles.

Airbnb is easily accessible through websites or apps. The server will provide you all the essential details including price range, owner details, and property address clearly that makes finding the accommodation entirely trouble-free. Both iOS and Android versions are available for Airbnb.


TripAdvisor is the world’s largest travel platform. You can find hundreds of millions of traveler reviews and opinions about hotels and flights on this website. You can find all the information regarding any destinations of the world and also write reviews of any places. It also offers a profusion of free city guides which are free to download. Overall, it is one of the must-have travel apps that can be beneficial for every traveler.

Both iOS and Android versions for TripAdvisor are available in the market.


AccuWeather Inc. is a weather forecast service provider that provides commercial weather forecasting services worldwide. For any kinds of tour perhaps it can be an international or a local trip but weather can hamper your tour experience if you ain’t prepared enough. So it’s best to check the weather updates always and prepare all the gears and clothes considering the current weather update.

This app will save you from any unpredicted weather changes and any kind of unpleasant situations. You can check their official website for weather updates. Both iOS and Android versions are available in the store.


Uber Technologies, Inc. is an American technology company that provides transportation services at reasonable prices. For a traveler searching for a cab or taxi is the most common scenario. In any new tourist place finding a cab can be tougher sometimes and drivers often demand much higher prices.

Travelers often face problems finding a ride in the airport and other remote places. Most of the time drivers demand double or triple prices than the actual one. That is pretty annoying and a hassle for budget travelers. But if you have installed the Uber app on your phone you can get rid of this easily. You just need to request the ride and the app will show you everything regarding distance and fare.

Both iOS and Android versions of this app are free in the store.

These are the must-have travel apps every traveler should install. You can also visit Best Websites For Cheap Air Ticket Booking to get air tickets at a cheaper rate.

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