Grammarly Review: Is It Worth Buying?

Grammarly Review

Grammarly is a useful online writing and plagiarism checker that uses artificial intelligence systems. It is a beneficial and effective application for official uses and study purposes. Everyone writes emails for official purposes in their contemporary life and making mistakes is part of human nature. In these terms, Grammarly can help us to write without making any grammatical errors by proper usage of the words in a sentence. As a result, it naturally comes to our mind that is Grammarly worth it? Or how accurately does it work? In this review, I will explain briefly the way it works and the benefits of the premium version of Grammarly.

Features of Grammarly

Grammarly emphasizes on few crucial things such as spelling checking, punctuation, and grammatical errors, and improves users’ readability. For students, bloggers, content writers it is essential to have an extension of Grammarly on their browser. Let’s take a glance at the key features of Grammarly.

Spelling Check

Grammarly automatically checks the wrong spelling and indicates the mistakes with the correct suggestion. If anyone doesn’t know the correct spelling they can write near to that word and Grammarly will suggest the right word.

Punctuation & Grammatical Errors

It is common to make grammatical errors while writing. Even the native speakers also make errors sometimes unconsciously as human tends to make mistakes by nature. Grammarly finds these mistakes instantly as a result you can able to fix those mistakes.

Improves User’s Readability

Grammarly suggests simple and suitable words for the users. As a result, readers can understand the topic more easily what writers have tried to express. It also provides better writing styles to look the content more professional.

Basically, the free version of Grammarly provides spelling checks and grammatical checks on the errors. Whereas the premium version provides all the additional features like plagiarism check, improving writing style, and suggest the best words when required. Click here to download the application.

Is Grammarly Premium Worth Buying?

For premium subscribers, Grammarly charges $29.95 per month, $59.95 per quarter, or $139.95 in a year. The price may seem much higher but Grammarly frequently provides discounts on subscriptions. It offers a browser extension that enables automated plagiarism checking while typing anything. Consequently, unlike other browsers, you won’t require to check individually which is very helpful.

For professional use, there is nothing that can be compared to Grammarly premium at this moment. It gives a huge discount for new users and always tries to provide special offers to its users. So Grammarly will save a lot then it may seem from the overview.  Grammarly’s Business program costs 12.50$ per member per month on an annual basis. Currently, from the review, the most popular annual program of Grammarly for individual packs costs 12$ per month that saves up to 60% including discounts.

Grammarly can be operated on both Windows and macOS; browser extensions for Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Edge; and a Microsoft Office add-in (now available on both Mac and Windows platforms). You can also use Grammarly on Android and iOS via a mobile keyboard application. It functions perfectly on every platform that you don’t need to worry about any complexity. It is recommended for everyone to download and install the extension to your browser to get the highest benefit.

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